Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Seeing the future for one hour!

I always set my watch 5 minutes early because I often go to University late.
Yesterday, after I finished my German class at University, I went to work as usual. Then, during working time I compared my watch’s time to the computer’s time, and I noticed that the date and time of my watch was one day and one hour slower then the computer. Therefore, I corrected my watch.
Today morning, I woke up early because I had set my alarm for 6 a.m. Because it was raining very hard, I got to University late for one hour. When I arrived there, there were only a few students waiting for the teacher. So I went to register my re-exams instead, so when I came back to the classroom they had already started learning. So I was late again.

When it was nearly 12 am, I wondered why the teacher still kept teaching. Why doesn’t she finish the class yet, I thought. Then she even announced a brake for 5 minutes. I was afraid that I would come to work late (again and again). I asked the teacher that today what she would finish teaching, and she said at 11.30 am. I asked that now it was almost 12 am, and why she still continued teaching and even announced the break. Suddenly, a student who was still in the classroom started laughing and said to me that now it was just 11am, thus, it made me really embarrassed. I had lived in the future for one hour since yesterday ;-1. However, setting the watch one hour earlier made me be on time, who always go to study late could make it;-)