Thursday, December 15, 2011

A part of Colombo, Sri Lanka

No one will refuse that the most important thing after eating is accommodations.
The most comfortable sleeping place is home. 
But if the home is far away.
We need to look for the place that we're feeling like home.
Condo in Sri Lanka

Playing yard & Swimming Pool

Living room

1st Bedroom

2nd Bedroom
1st Bathroom

 Detail of the 1st Bathroom 

 2nd Bathroom

 Huge Roof top

 Badminton Court


 Super market


Friday, December 9, 2011

Sigh Seeing in Colombo, Srilanka part1

Gangaramaya Temple วัดคงคาราม

Inside of the temple

Beauty of faithful  


 Lord Buddha

                        Real elephant                                                Copy elephant

     Luang Pho Toh - Somdej Phra Phuttajahn Toh   

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Moving to Srilanka

Srilanka embassy 13flrooat Ocean Tower2, Asok Rd.Open 8.30 - 11.00 am
We made at 9am and pick up at 2pm. 
The staff there were very nice and helpful.

Before we left, our kindly ex-boss gave us a very sweet present 

Yes! Sweet and Delicious present ;-P

We Checked in with 14 pieces of luggage, over weight 120Kilos every kilo 325 Baht per kilo total 39,000 Baht for just luggage(O-O!)
Then still over another 4 kilos they keep charging money and no any kindly discount for just 4 kilos
So not much impress with this airline

And I looked the next line O-O! Oh OMG! more luggage haha
Good luck that they didn't fly with Srilanka airline haha
3 hours with Srilanka air

After arrived to Colombo airport picking up our luggage

  Waiting for the pick up van from hotel

Stuff full of the back-van
Check in in the Renuka hotel

Our room yeah!

 My breakfast at the hotel

Colombo city
Where I had my lunch!

Sunset just out of the hotel window >_<
I still live here(Hotel) for so long time and I still don't tour around yet so let see what coming next !

Friday, June 3, 2011

Just want to say Thanks

Drawing Picture
One week ago, I went to have dinner around Victory Monument. I walked passed one shop that looked interesting. They sketch paintings, drawings and pictures from photos.
I was tempted to make one, but my friend stopped me. She pointed out that I could do it but I am also lazy. She just dragged me away from the shop but I was still left wondering how. Drawing and painting is not easy.

Little did I know, I didn't have to understand anything about painting a picture.

I didn't have to take any course to study how to draw. 

I knew that teachers are all around me by searching online. The pictures in this post, I made myself without taking any course. I can learn from a blog or website where the techniques on how to draw or paint a picture are posted.
I feel that I have the Master around me.  One just has to realize that google is the first place to ask and then one can go ahead to learn by oneself.

Thanks to everyone who is using the blog and web site, thanks to one who has shared their story and thanks to one who spend their time to read and post.

I didn't have to understand anything about painting a picture.
Painting Picture
A few days later, I brought a photo to the sketch shop which was still on my mind.
However, t that time, I was curious about how good one has to be to be able to
draw one simple picture, so I searched on google.

Water-painting Picture

I was really surprised about what I could learn!

I didn't have to go to the painting shop again.

I didn't have the question lingering in my mind anymore

I really enjoy finding out new stuff on internet.
Photoshop Program

Thanks to one
who created this cyber-word;-D.

Thanks to the blog below which gave me the free painting program:

Friday, March 4, 2011

KitchaKoot Moutain เขาคิชกูฎ

Last week, I went to KitchaKoot Moutain in Chuntaburi after I heard that there are Buddha foot prints on top of the mountain for many hundred years.

Most of people said that who has visited there will be able to wish for something and the wish will come true.

KitchaKoot Moutain is a national park. To protect the wildlife, KitchaKoot Moutain is open for people to visit the Buddha foot print one time per year only.

Fortunately, I had a chance to visit there because I just knew a few days earlier that my parents booked the bus-tour to KitchaKoot Moutain for the weekend. So that I could join them, but beccause their buses were full, I had to book a different bus to go there.

We had to go with a different bus and arriving at a different time!
I was afraid to go alone and feel lonely, so I drag three more friends to join me. We got a cool van that charged 600 Baht for the round trip from Bangkok per person. Not a bad price! It is worthwhile to see something new and also can make a wish. Exciting!  

 It took around three hours, we left BKK 8.30pm and arrived there 11.30pm
 From car park we had to take two differences 4WD, each time20minutes drives.
Here is the queue for the 4WDs to bring people up the mountain  (if I still can change my mind T_T)
Incredible how popular the KitchaKoot Mountain is, but a picture says more then a thousand words! Take a look......

 The whole way up (or down) at KitchaKoot Moutain o___o

Here we are KitchaKoot Moutain!!!!
Can I take a look too? Please?.....?

Here is the Buddha foot print (At least many people said so????)

The Buddha foot print is under all the flowers (I guess ^^)

Cool rock!
Time to relax (where can I sit down???)
Incredible shot! Meaningful ;-D

I need a helicopter pleaseeeeeeeeee!

Now I understand why people could make only one wish, because people could go there only one time.
One wish one time one life and one way??