Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Romantic scenes of Nepal at Nagarkot

View Point of Nagarkot is very fantastic. In the morning I woke up watching sunrise with hot tea, it was increasable times there.View Point of Nagarkot is very fantastic. In the morning I woke up watching sunrise with hot tea, it was increasable times there.

Breakfast on Nagarkot 

Very high view of Nagarkot

On the way to Nagarkot

Sunrise at Nagarkot

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Good point of experienc shares

Are you nervous when traveling somewhere at the first time?
 I was asking a lot of people before I came to travel in Nepal. I was worried and excited at the same time. I was afraid there could be very scary people or unkind people because I didn't know how Nepal looks like. Is it different from Thailand? Is it like many people said that traveling in Nepal is like "culture shock"? I believe that someone used to think just like me. I was trying to get as much  information as I could, by searching on google for example. Actually,  it's not much different from Thailand. What I want to say it was good idea to get the information before traveling around, all blogs were helpful, especially those by peoplewho arewriting of own experiences when they're traveling. I would like to say thanks to all of those people helping  me to traveling fun and be safe by sharing their experiences. If no one would have written to let other people know they I would have felt less confident.. This way, people can help each other and even give good advise on were to go and what to avoid!
 Lonely Planet, Painaima.com, wutkate.com and several blogs more. I would like to make this blog being one of those blogs where I can tell  people how was my experiences and how was his or her experiences. I would like to give information to people who are looking for it. Therefor, I could help people around the world which don't have to face to the problems or if one does, one should know how to sort out the solution.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Poem from a woman called "Mother"

When I was young, I often liked to listen an radio. A special DJ I liked  is Noom, who has a really calm  and sweet voices. He often told a good and interesting stories, specially a good meaningful Poem. I loved one of his Poem story. It really made me want to published and translated it in a many languages because I believe that it would change a lot of people minds when they start to make a party for their birthday. It was a Thai version so I wish that someone who has a talent of translating, this could help me to success what I intend.
Moreover, I hope someone could read and tell the other, so that they will know, what this poem exactly mean. The Dj Noom even told that the wonderful poem was created by whom. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember.
However, I always appreciate that at least this Poem gave me something. Reminding me that is the most value is one born and got a chance to do their own history and  leave a Value things to the world as this poem for a Young generation. The below is the Poem I was talking.
มุมหนึ่ง ซึ่งเหงา น่าเศร้าแท้                  หญิงแก่แก่ นั่งหงอย และคอยหาย
โอ้วันนี้ ในวันนั้น อันตราย                         แม่คลอดสาย โลหิต แทบปลิดชนม์
วันเกิดลูก เกือบคล้าย วันตายแม่             เจ็บท้องแท้ เท่าไร ก็ไม่บ่น
กว่าอุ้มท้อง กว่าคลอด รอดเป็นคน          เติบโตจน บัดนี้ นี่เพราะใคร

แม่เจ็บเจียน ขาดใจ ในวันนั้น                    กลับเป็นวัน ลูกฉลอง กันผ่องใส
ได้ชีวิต แล้วก็เหลิง ระเริงใจ                       ลืมผู้ให้ ชีวิต อนิจจา
ไฉนเรา เรียกกัน ว่า                                   วันเกิด วันผู้ให้กำเนิดจะถูกกว่า

คำอวยพรที่เขียนควรเปลี่ยนมา                 ให้มารดาคุณเป็นสุขจึงถูกแท้
เลิกจัดงานวันเกิดกันเถิดนะ                       ควรแต่จะคุกเข่ากราบเท้าแม่ 
รำลึกถึงพระคุณอบอุ่นแด                           อย่ามัวแต่จัดงานประจานตั

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Koh Payam is going to be a popular Island

A few week ago i saw some topics PM's Office Minister to Push Ranong Province as World Tourist Destination which is interesting, talking about Ranong's tourist. The main topic talks about trying to developed the Ranong province to become more tourist tour. So this could be a good news and also is the one of Payam island's benefits. The more well-knowing, the more tourist coming to Koh Payam right!. Quite good news actually!
I believed that Payam Island is going to be popular in the future because, it is really rear that local people in the Koh Payam island can live with no electricity and car. One of the reason is maybe the government doesn't push enough power to make it happen. Somehow, one reason effect another, On the other hand, animals living in this island more and more, for eample Hurn-bill, Brahminy kite and tiny animals. It not things surprising if some of resort and hotel note that people can do specail activities while one is on Koh-Payam and this island is one also of e-co island.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Seeing the future for one hour!

I always set my watch 5 minutes early because I often go to University late.
Yesterday, after I finished my German class at University, I went to work as usual. Then, during working time I compared my watch’s time to the computer’s time, and I noticed that the date and time of my watch was one day and one hour slower then the computer. Therefore, I corrected my watch.
Today morning, I woke up early because I had set my alarm for 6 a.m. Because it was raining very hard, I got to University late for one hour. When I arrived there, there were only a few students waiting for the teacher. So I went to register my re-exams instead, so when I came back to the classroom they had already started learning. So I was late again.

When it was nearly 12 am, I wondered why the teacher still kept teaching. Why doesn’t she finish the class yet, I thought. Then she even announced a brake for 5 minutes. I was afraid that I would come to work late (again and again). I asked the teacher that today what she would finish teaching, and she said at 11.30 am. I asked that now it was almost 12 am, and why she still continued teaching and even announced the break. Suddenly, a student who was still in the classroom started laughing and said to me that now it was just 11am, thus, it made me really embarrassed. I had lived in the future for one hour since yesterday ;-1. However, setting the watch one hour earlier made me be on time, who always go to study late could make it;-)         

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Experience of "NO experience!"

Right now I have no time to update this blog regularly because I am struggling learning how to use content management systems for websites. First I started with Joomla, but everyone around me likes WordPress better, so I switched to learn about WordPress as well.
I am working on my website meextra.com. It should look beautiful of course, and have many functions, including support for at least two languages.
Because I have no experience in using WordPress, everything goes very slowly. Simple things like new posts are no problem, but many plugins I need didn't work with the latest version (WP 3.0), so now I have to start all over again. It's a really frustrating experience to have no experience! :-/
Anyway, I will keep you updated about my progress on meextra.com. If someone has a lot of experience in making websites using wordpress and would like to help me, please contact me and share your experience with me. :-)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The experience of being treated as a consultant

Last week, I had a new experience by being a resort marketing consultant of Kwangpeep resort in Khopayam at Ranong province. My partner and I got an offer to check out the marketing of Thai resort named Kwangpeep resort.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Characteristics of a Good Member of Parliament

Nowadays, lots of people are involved in politics in their country because they can take part helping the government to develop a better living for people who living in the country.
Many parties have many different ideas to propose the voters to choose and agree with the politicians’ method. Voting a good Member of Parliament, voters should think of the characteristics of a good Member of Parliament, and also they should think of the benefits that the members would create for the country.A good member
must try to solve problems, which caused the people’s make a living at the city proper and rural area. Most of the population works in the city because it is easier to get a job and get a better salary. In the birthplace, one has to work very hard, but always gets only a little pay.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Song-Kran festival

The Song-Kran festival is celebrating Thai New Year, which is the most important festival for Thai people. The Thai New Year is held every 13-15 April.This particular event makes every worker happy because during this time he or she gets a long holiday. There for, many people return to their hometown and see other family members.
Usually, one goes to the temple offering food to monks, paying homage to the Buddhist images, freeing birds and fish and washing Buddhist images.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chin's concert at Siam Discovery

Yesterday after I finished my class at university, I went to Siam discovery, and watched a concert. There was a famous singer called "Chin" performing. I was very lucky because there were not many people, therefor I could watch very close. Normally I don't wear my eye glass, only in class when I study, but I couldn't see the singer well so I took my glasses and wore it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Learning to dive in Kho Tao, Thailand

For my last holiday two months ago, I went to Turtle island or Koh Tao  to learn diving. There are many places to learn  diving. If you are a beginner than have to take the "Open water diver" and after you done the first one you also can continue "advanced open water diving"so that you can see more and get more tip, for example;  the night diving, underwater photography, and you can dive till 30meters. So I took the Padi"Open water diving". 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh, no Chicken Pox!

Chicken Pox or Varicella, many people said why Chicken Pox, I don't know either maybe have to ask the chicken, they may know hahaha. People can get Chicken Pox from other people who are already having it or it happens when your body is week, sleep less so makes you have this illness, often between November - February in winter.

Last week, I had Chicken Pox. The symptoms of Chicken Pox can be seen on your body as small red spots with clear fluid inside. I went to see a doctor, and he gave me

Friday, February 26, 2010

Cool or Cute Taxi

I have an experience to share for everyone, I hope you'll like it.
Last month I had my exam at Ramkhamheang university whole week. I took a taxi as normal as every day. That day was a funny day because the taxi that I took, looks like a racing car and also the driver dress as a racing man.