Friday, March 4, 2011

KitchaKoot Moutain เขาคิชกูฎ

Last week, I went to KitchaKoot Moutain in Chuntaburi after I heard that there are Buddha foot prints on top of the mountain for many hundred years.

Most of people said that who has visited there will be able to wish for something and the wish will come true.

KitchaKoot Moutain is a national park. To protect the wildlife, KitchaKoot Moutain is open for people to visit the Buddha foot print one time per year only.

Fortunately, I had a chance to visit there because I just knew a few days earlier that my parents booked the bus-tour to KitchaKoot Moutain for the weekend. So that I could join them, but beccause their buses were full, I had to book a different bus to go there.

We had to go with a different bus and arriving at a different time!
I was afraid to go alone and feel lonely, so I drag three more friends to join me. We got a cool van that charged 600 Baht for the round trip from Bangkok per person. Not a bad price! It is worthwhile to see something new and also can make a wish. Exciting!  

 It took around three hours, we left BKK 8.30pm and arrived there 11.30pm
 From car park we had to take two differences 4WD, each time20minutes drives.
Here is the queue for the 4WDs to bring people up the mountain  (if I still can change my mind T_T)
Incredible how popular the KitchaKoot Mountain is, but a picture says more then a thousand words! Take a look......

 The whole way up (or down) at KitchaKoot Moutain o___o

Here we are KitchaKoot Moutain!!!!
Can I take a look too? Please?.....?

Here is the Buddha foot print (At least many people said so????)

The Buddha foot print is under all the flowers (I guess ^^)

Cool rock!
Time to relax (where can I sit down???)
Incredible shot! Meaningful ;-D

I need a helicopter pleaseeeeeeeeee!

Now I understand why people could make only one wish, because people could go there only one time.
One wish one time one life and one way??

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Mark Petlock said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures and a great description of your experience.I'm glad you did that so now I never have to go there to see it.Haha...Where will you go next? I look forward to your next post.