Thursday, December 8, 2011

Moving to Srilanka

Srilanka embassy 13flrooat Ocean Tower2, Asok Rd.Open 8.30 - 11.00 am
We made at 9am and pick up at 2pm. 
The staff there were very nice and helpful.

Before we left, our kindly ex-boss gave us a very sweet present 

Yes! Sweet and Delicious present ;-P

We Checked in with 14 pieces of luggage, over weight 120Kilos every kilo 325 Baht per kilo total 39,000 Baht for just luggage(O-O!)
Then still over another 4 kilos they keep charging money and no any kindly discount for just 4 kilos
So not much impress with this airline

And I looked the next line O-O! Oh OMG! more luggage haha
Good luck that they didn't fly with Srilanka airline haha
3 hours with Srilanka air

After arrived to Colombo airport picking up our luggage

  Waiting for the pick up van from hotel

Stuff full of the back-van
Check in in the Renuka hotel

Our room yeah!

 My breakfast at the hotel

Colombo city
Where I had my lunch!

Sunset just out of the hotel window >_<
I still live here(Hotel) for so long time and I still don't tour around yet so let see what coming next !

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