Sunday, January 15, 2012

Visiting Kandy, Sri Lanka วัดพระเขี้ยวแก้ว เมืองแคนดี้

Kandy is an incredible city because it's located in the hills, an area called "hill country".
Around the hills most people here plant tea, yes Cylon tea! Cylon tea is one of the popular products in Sri Lanka. It's time to start drinking Tea!
Tea is the one of main income for people in this area.
Kandy is also known for the "Sacred Temple of The Tooth Relic" where a tooth of the Buddha is kept.  
 The colorful lying Buddha inside of the temple.

The beautiful painting in side of the wall, telling story how they brought the Tooth of Buddha to Kandy

The temple near Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic

 The Tooth Relic of Buddha

On the way back to Colombo by train

Two days one night was not to bad for commuting for four hours by train. By the way the train here is really leaving on time.

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