Friday, February 26, 2010

Cool or Cute Taxi

I have an experience to share for everyone, I hope you'll like it.
Last month I had my exam at Ramkhamheang university whole week. I took a taxi as normal as every day. That day was a funny day because the taxi that I took, looks like a racing car and also the driver dress as a racing man. He drove the taxi very fast so only 15 minutes already arrived at University(normally it takes about40 minutes). While he was driving, I saw him had a comic book about car racing and fighting. It looks cool like the man who like to collect the racing car stuff. We almost arrived to University suddenly, the police traffic man stop his car and let the other side of the road go first, he start to complain by saying that "sensor word" that only woman would complain like that, I looked him and surprised because his sound and the way he complain, he look like a lady boy. He looked at me and say Ops!! I'm sorry. I keep smiled and after I got out of his car I had to laugh very long times. I was thinking that he almost can made it that can show that he looks cool like a man but, now I think he look cute more than cool.

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Anonymous said...

Funny! That's a nice story. I really would like to know how the driver complained to the police... :-p