Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh, no Chicken Pox!

Chicken Pox or Varicella, many people said why Chicken Pox, I don't know either maybe have to ask the chicken, they may know hahaha. People can get Chicken Pox from other people who are already having it or it happens when your body is week, sleep less so makes you have this illness, often between November - February in winter.

Last week, I had Chicken Pox. The symptoms of Chicken Pox can be seen on your body as small red spots with clear fluid inside. I went to see a doctor, and he gave me
Acychovir with 800 mg. Some time you will get 400mg if that one you have to take 2 pills per time. So I had to eat 5 time a day, at 08.00, 11.00, 15.00, 19.00 and 23.00. I took it for around 7 days and between that I got a fever so I had to take paracetamol. Do don't take aspirin. I also have to take Atarax 10 mg, an anti-allergy pill. I had to take 2 a day. Furthermore, I had the cream Calamine to reduce the itching.

The second night and the third night were really terrible nights,  I couldn't sleep, tried to move on many sides, all the time just itchy and painful. I cried like a child and it was like torture. Another symptom is headache all the time, I even couldn't move or get up. When I stayed in a cold place my whole body hurt, but when I was in a warm place it made the red spots more painful and itchy. So what I did was to move in and out all the time between a cold room and warm one.  

I heard that Chicken Pox will not spread inflection to other people except for person which never had the Chicken Pox yet. However, there is no guarantee that you could get it or not. The Chicken Pox is the same family like Herpes disease and Herpes zoster. If you get the Chicken Pox do not go outside to let other people get it.

After 8 days now most of the red clear spots are already dry. Still left are some of the big spots that need to take time to get dry. I really tried not to scratch, but I did it sometimes when I got better.

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