Sunday, June 6, 2010

The experience of being treated as a consultant

Last week, I had a new experience by being a resort marketing consultant of Kwangpeep resort in Khopayam at Ranong province. My partner and I got an offer to check out the marketing of Thai resort named Kwangpeep resort.
First we booked a flight with Nokair airline to Surat Tanni. When we arrived, there was one couple waiting to pick us up, then we drove three more hours up to Ranong province and took a boat for one more hour to the  Khopayam. We went to Khopayam island during the low season, so it was very quiet. When we had arrived, we took a long nap till evening and then we started to have dinner with big fresh steamed crab and shrimp and also tomyam beef while talking about  the marketing. The owner told us many things, what he expects form a marketer and what hi
s target for the Kwangpeep resort.
He always told us that he was happy that many old trees still here and wants to save it. The nature must have some sense or power that cure humans have no stress. On the other hand,  there is no electricity on the island, so people have to use generators. Therefor, he wanted to make the
Kwangpeep resort be the first of solar resort which gets the power from the sun and also tourists can make join an Eco-holiday in Kwangpeep resort at khopayam. He said that very few groups were interested of this ideal because they think it is a lot of job but not much income, they think better just trying to get customers and computation to each other.

Often, people from Kwangpeep resort heard some people announced that Kwangpeep resort charge over prices to customer.  The beautiful sea-sight and looked private for the tourists, there still had tourists visited, after they declare to the tourists  made that place became popular again. Only one full day and two night, my partner and I we felt of the real welcome from Kwangpeep resort. The owner wanted us to be a consultant of marketing, and also looking for the agencies which can run out the group tour get to Kwangpeep resort more. They are always looking forward visitors to visit and have a sense of Eco-holiday at Kwangpeep resort in Khopayam.

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