Monday, April 26, 2010

The Characteristics of a Good Member of Parliament

Nowadays, lots of people are involved in politics in their country because they can take part helping the government to develop a better living for people who living in the country.
Many parties have many different ideas to propose the voters to choose and agree with the politicians’ method. Voting a good Member of Parliament, voters should think of the characteristics of a good Member of Parliament, and also they should think of the benefits that the members would create for the country.A good member
must try to solve problems, which caused the people’s make a living at the city proper and rural area. Most of the population works in the city because it is easier to get a job and get a better salary. In the birthplace, one has to work very hard, but always gets only a little pay.
On the other hand, food and equipment are very expensive in the city, but one has to buy it anyway because one has no choice. Thus, a teenager comes to search for a job downtown to earn the money for his o her family. Therefore, many people don’t have the opportunity to continue studying, which then leads to low education and poor knowledge. Many people are deceived from tricky people, which make things worse for them. So, the good Member of Parliament should support small businesses in the countryside. Then people can afford a good living, and they don’t have to work far from their family, and they also still can study at the same time. Solving these problems is most important.
Another good characteristics of a good Member of Parliament is honesty. He or she should be an honest person that develops the country as well knowing from the experiences of other countries; there for, foreign countries could help the export business in the country, such as rice, rubber, maize, etc. Also, it helps people in the countryside to have their own business to improve their living. A sincere good Member of Parliament will try to help the poor population to improve their quality of life. Moreover, when the economies are growing and companies are successful, everyone in all kind of businesses will be happy and peaceful.
Although, this developing plans have to take a long time because many problems can not be solved over night because they are bigger over many years; nevertheless, the characteristics of a good Member of Parliament ought to begin proceeding and handling to search the ways to solve out the problems, which most populations are faced in present day.

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