Thursday, August 5, 2010

Koh Payam is going to be a popular Island

A few week ago i saw some topics PM's Office Minister to Push Ranong Province as World Tourist Destination which is interesting, talking about Ranong's tourist. The main topic talks about trying to developed the Ranong province to become more tourist tour. So this could be a good news and also is the one of Payam island's benefits. The more well-knowing, the more tourist coming to Koh Payam right!. Quite good news actually!
I believed that Payam Island is going to be popular in the future because, it is really rear that local people in the Koh Payam island can live with no electricity and car. One of the reason is maybe the government doesn't push enough power to make it happen. Somehow, one reason effect another, On the other hand, animals living in this island more and more, for eample Hurn-bill, Brahminy kite and tiny animals. It not things surprising if some of resort and hotel note that people can do specail activities while one is on Koh-Payam and this island is one also of e-co island.

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