Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chin's concert at Siam Discovery

Yesterday after I finished my class at university, I went to Siam discovery, and watched a concert. There was a famous singer called "Chin" performing. I was very lucky because there were not many people, therefor I could watch very close. Normally I don't wear my eye glass, only in class when I study, but I couldn't see the singer well so I took my glasses and wore it.
While I was enjoying watching the concert, suddenly another girl came beside me and talked to her friend " I can't see very well how good he looks, it's Chin right?" and then she turned right to me "could I borrow your eye glass?" she asked. "I'm not sure you could see well" I said. She still kept asking "how nearsighted are your eye?""I don't know" I said. She smiled and said never mind and walked away. I told my self "of course I don't want to borrow my eye glass to someone that I don't event know, because it's a personal thing. I think people nowadays are quite weird. Anyways I was there till the concert finished. After then I felt very happy and went home.

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Koen said...

he doesnt even have a Chin :P Hope you had fun though!