Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Song-Kran festival

The Song-Kran festival is celebrating Thai New Year, which is the most important festival for Thai people. The Thai New Year is held every 13-15 April.This particular event makes every worker happy because during this time he or she gets a long holiday. There for, many people return to their hometown and see other family members.
Usually, one goes to the temple offering food to monks, paying homage to the Buddhist images, freeing birds and fish and washing Buddhist images.
Besides, one tends to become involved in other activities after going to the temple, such as building sand stuppas, and splashing water to the other people. A lot of teenagers go out in pick up truck, armed with buckets of water gun, splashing everyone in sight. Also one with family members sprinkled water and power on their elder to show respect.
At it can be seen, this event is the most popular festival in Thailand. The Song-Kran is a time which Thai people spend together. Moreover, These Thai New Year is fun and respect, because no one complain about getting wet as April is extremely hot month.

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